Web Client Feedback
We appreciate all feedback about the web client.

Please submit feedback if:

1. if you find that the web client is behaving in a strange way
2. that the answer to a query has not been answered to a satisfactory level
3. if you have any suggestions/ideas on how the web client may be improved

Feedback may be submitted by the following steps:

1. On the bottom right hand corner of the web client, click the 'Post Feedback' button
2. This will open up a new window which contains 2 sections/boxes:
a. top box: this contains the chat history of your current session. The contents are copied directly from the web client chat history window, into this box
b. bottom box: the comments section, where you can provide your feedback and details of any errors or strange responses. If you wish, you can leave your name and email address. If the error or strange response is self explanatory (from the contents of the chat history), there is no need to provide an explanation of the error
3. Fill out the bottom box, if appropriate
4. Click 'Send Feedback' button. Pressing this button will send an email to our feedback team, comprising all the details which are contained in the feedback form.

Upon submission of the feedback form, you are taken back to the webclient form, however, you will need to reconnect to the AICore.

Cancel Feedback
If you clicked on the 'Post Feedback' button in error, you can click on the 'Cancel & Return to Web Client Chat' button. This shall take you back to the Web Client Chat window and chat session shall be restored allowing you to continue communicating with the AICore.

Clicking the 'Cancel & Return to Web Client Chat' button, shall not submit any email.

What Next?
Once we have received your feedback we shall analyse why the error occurred and if appropriate, the "error" shall be entered on to our 'To Do List' of bug fixes.
We shall endeavour to correct all bugs which are found by users, in our quest to continue to improve and develop the most advanced language processing system in the World.